• LEBODY FORM is body tightening and contouring device using electric current (Medium Frequency alternating Current). • It helps to strengthen muscles and increase energy consumption to burn fat components in the body by stimulating muscles with Mid-frequency. • LEBODY FORM also relieves muscle pain by massaging stiff muscles quickly after an intense workout.

Strengthen muscles, Decrease body fat, Cellulite reduction.

An electrical current of Mid-Frequency is penetrated deeply into the muscle beneath the skin. • Mid-frequency stimulates muscles directly.

Apply a generous amount of B & B - Belleza & Beauty Anti-Ageing, Hydrating Cream over the area to be treated. Program the LeBody Form to Gym or Slim and start at level 1 and slowly increase it at the level of comfort.

Includes Belly belt

Arm Belt is $ 25 aditional

LeBody Form


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